Shannon’s Day Talk Series is a series of talks commemorating Claude Shannon’s 105th birthday. This year, the talk series is spread across two full days (April 30th and May 1st) and the themes of the event are Signal Processing and Quantum Information Theory.
The first day of the series will host some of the most eminent researchers in these fields who will present talks on problems that are of the highest research potential. Highly qualified researchers such as Dr. Ayush Bhandari, from Imperial college, London and Dr. Mark M Wilde, from Louisiana State University, will grace the occasion as the key note speakers for Signal Processing and Quantum Information Theory respectively. It is a great opportunity for both enthusiasts and research experts to learn more about these fields from them.
While the first day of the talk series will focus on talks from speakers in academia, the second day will witness speakers from the industry. Technically advanced professionals from MathWorks, IBM, QpiAI will present their views on recent advancements in the areas of Signal Processing and Quantum Computing. Both working professionals and graduating students seeking to pursue a career in these fields will benefit immensely listening to the perspectives of these experts.

Registrations for this event has closed. We have shared the meeting links with the registered participants via mail.

We thank all who have registered for the event. We hope this event was an exciting experience for all!

Click here for the recorded talks on YouTube!

International Speakers

Dr. Ayush Bhandari Imperial College London (Signal Processing)
Dr. Mark M. Wilde Louisiana State University
(Quantum Information Theory)

Faculty Speakers

Prof. Chandra Murthy ECE, IISc Bangalore
(Signal Processing)

Prof. Vinod Sharma
ECE, IISc Bangalore
(Quantum Information Theory)
Dr. R. Srikanth
Poorna Prajna Institute of Scientific Research (Quantum Information Theory)

Doctorate and Post Doc Speakers

Prachi Singh
PhD, IISc, Bangalore
(Signal Processing)
Dr. Srikanth Raj Chetupalli
Post Doc, IISc, Bangalore
(Signal Processing)
Dr. Priya J. Nadkarni
PhD Graduate
IISc Bangalore
(Quantum Information Theory)

Speakers from Industry

Satheesh P K
Samsung Semiconductor R&D Centre, Bangalore
Dr. Pratik Shah
Apple, California
Dr. Praful Pai
MathWorks, Bangalore
Kirthi Krishnamurthy
Adobe, California

Dr. Amlan Mukherjee QpiAI, Bangalore
Dr. Rukhsan Ul Haq
IBM, Bangalore
Dr. Arun Sehrawat
QpiAI, Bangalore

Contact Details:

Vishnu Teja Kunde (vishnukunde@iisc.ac.in)
Varkey M John (varkeym@iisc.ac.in)