Vision Statement: Excellence in Theoretical and Experimental Research in Communications, Signal Processing, Microelectronics and RF/Photonics. The ECE Department is recognized by UGC as a Center for Advanced Studies and has a rich heritage and a strong reputation for R and D activities of internationally acclaimed standards. To know more Click here.


Events & Schedule

Sl. NoExperimental Demonstrations (9 am-5 pm) Location
1 5G Testbed @ IISc ECE 1.06
2 Angle of Arrival Estimation with Millimeter-wave Radar ECE 1.07
3 5G Millimeter-wave RF Frontend Modules ECE 1.07
4 Antenna Systems for Wireless Power transfer and Biotelemetry for Implantable Medical Devices ECE 1.06
5 Media based Modulation Hardware ECE 1.07
6 A Low-cost Microwave Frequency Readout for Liquid Sensing ECE 1.09
7 City-scale Epidemic Simulations Using Agent-based Modelling ECE 1.09
8 Self-balancing Robot Using PID Control System ECE hut
9 Detection and Localization of Un-manned Aircraft Using Millimeter-wave Radar Outdoor
10 Basic Optics Experiments: Ray optics, Telescope, Magic images, Spectrometer, Laser Target Game. ECE Hut

Sl. NoGames & Puzzles (9 am -5 pm) Location
1 Keep Talking and Stop the Clock: A fun game to put one's puzzle-solving and communication skills to test.
The Wonders of Fourier: An interactive activity to show how interesting Fourier Series is!
2 Kruskal's trick (a Markov chain trick), Magic of Shannon (a coding-theoretic trick) etc. Mathematical puzzles and card tricks that draw from elementary results in information theory and probability. Outdoor

                    Tech Talks           Venue : MP 20
Sl. No Time Talk Title Speaker(s)
1 10:00-10:40 Electromagnetic waves Anand (English), Alok (Hindi), Easha (Sanskrit), PhD, ECE
2 11:00-11:20 ISRO overview and milestones Sachin Thomas, MTech, DESE
3 11:30-11:50 Game theory based intelligent algorithm design for social good Rudrashis, PhD graduate,Aerospace
4 12:00-12:20 A Peep into the world of Quantum Communication Kiran, DESE
5 12:30-12:50 Glimpse of Photonics (Kannada) Dr. Gopal Hegde
6 14:00-14:20 COSWARA: A website application enabling COVID-19 screening by analysing-respiratory sound samples and health symptoms Debarpan Bhattacharya,PhD,EE
7 14:30-14:50 Security vs Privacy: Who wins? Varkey M John,Mtech(Res),ECE
8 15:00-15:20 From Silicon to Chip Aniket Banerjee, MTech, DESE
9 15:30-15:50 Cellular communication Neelav Choudhury,MTech,ECE
10 16:00-16:20 Science of Data Anshaj Shrivastava,PhD,ECE
11 16:30-16:50 Overview: IEEE Activities at IISc Ananta Kant Rai, PhD, ECE

              Quizzes and Info-sessions
Sl. No Time Event Location
1 10:30 to 11:30 AM Gate2ECE-Info session Golden Jubilee Hall
2 11:30 to 12 PM Tech-Talk-by Preetham Kumar on Photonics: Light in action Golden Jubilee Hall
3 12 to 1 PM Quiz-1 Golden Jubilee Hall
4 2:30 to 3:30 PM Gate2ECE-Info session Golden Jubilee Hall
5 3.30 to 4.30 PM Quiz-2 Golden Jubilee Hall
6 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IEEE activities @ ECE, IISc Outdoor
7 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Applied Photonic Initiative activities @ ECE, IISc Outdoor

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