Dr. A. Chockalingam
Indian Institute of Science
Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Bangalore - 560 012. INDIA
Tel: +91-80-22933156, Fax: +91-80-23600563, Email: achockal@iisc.ac.in

Research Interests

General Area
  • Wireless Communications (PHY Layer)
  • Wireless Networks and Protocols (Higher Layers)
Focus Areas
  • Next Generation Modulation Schemes for 5G and Beyond
      • OTFS Modulation for High-Doppler Channels
      • Index Modulation
      • Media-based Modulation
      • Load Modulation
  • Machine Learning in Wireless Communications
  • Visible Light Wireless Communications
      • Multiple LED communication (MIMO VLC)
      • Spatial Modulation in VLC
      • OFDM in VLC
  • Low-Complexity Wireless Communication in Large Dimensions
      • Detection in Large-Scale MIMO Systems
      • Equalization in Severely Delay Spread MIMO-UWB ISI Channels
      • Joint Detection/Channel Estimation/Decoding
      • Application of Probabilistic Graphical Models in Communications
Other Areas
  • Communication in Fading Channels
      • Cognitive Radio
      • Cooperative Communications
      • Space-Time/Frequency Signal Processing
  • Design and Analysis of CDMA Systems
      • CDMA with Higher-Order Modulation
      • Interference Cancellation in CDMA
      • Multicarrier DS-CDMA
  • Energy Conscious Communications (Protocols) in Wireless
  • Cross-layer Designs in Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks