Research Areas



Microwave and RF components and systems have made a great impact on our society with the rapid proliferation of various consumer products. In this context, the Microwave Laboratory at the Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, is motivated to work towards the design and analysis of microwave circuits, components and sub-systems including micromachined devices for RF, microwave, millimeter wave applications. Micromachined antennas, phase shifters, and filters are some such components. In addition we are involved in the design of RF MEMS switches for space applications and a low cost option for such devices. 

The mission of the Microwave Lab.

Design, analysis, optimization, fabrication and characterization of miniaturized RF and microwave components and devices based on new breakthroughs in microwave theory and techniques

Facilities Available

An electromagnetic and microsystems modeling facility and a microwave characterization facility with a vector network analyzer and a microwave anechoic chamber have been set up here. A conscious decision was taken to make some of these available to the local industries subject to Institute regulations and without affecting the pedagogical activities. 


  • AWR: Microwave Office
  • Zeland: IE3D
  • Ansoft: HFSS
  • Ansoft: Designer
  • CST Microwave Studio
  • Agilent: EEsof ADS


  • Microwave Anechoic Chamber
  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Noise Figure Meter
  • RF and Microwave Test accessories