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E8-242 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits & Systems

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RF/microwave circuit design has been one of the major research areas in the department since its inception.  Over the years, courses offered within this area have evolved in such a way as to incorporate contemporary trends that could influence the advancement of our core research.  RF MEMS is one area of research that has come into existence during the past few years.  Interesting possibilities with RF Metamaterials is another.

This topic emphasizes on developing new ideas that would significantly improve the performance of existing RF, microwave and millimeter wave components.  With the widespread interest in RF ICs, demand for training in this area is also increasing. Understanding of the design theory and underlying techniques are of equal importance in mastering the topic.  Considering that there is a specialized course on CMOS, these topics will not be covered in this course.

Course will have Lab component involving (i) design of some basic passive circuits with industry standard softwares and their fabrication and testing.

Brief Syllabus

Review of Transmission line Theory, terminated transmission lines, smith chart, impedance matching, Microstrip and Coplanar waveguide implementations, microwave network analysis, ABCD parameters, S parameters, X parameters.

Behavior of passive components and networks, resonant structures using distributed transmission lines, power dividers, couplers and filters; CRLH transmission line based components.

Introduction to planar microwave antennas, definitions and basic principles, Smart antennas; Link plan and propagation studies

Basics of high frequency amplifier design, biasing techniques, simultaneous tuning of 2 port circuits, noise and distortion, linearity, noise and large signal performance, Power amplifier design,

MEMS technologies and components for RF applications: RF MEMS switches, varactors, inductors and filters