ECE Students’ Seminar Series

What is it?

Students are given an opportunity to present

  • an area or paper that they have studied and would like to share with others, or

  • a concept they recently gained deeper understanding about, or

  • their own research work.

The talk must be for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour (can be relaxed). It could be a whiteboard presentation or a formal talk using slides as long as it is accessible to a majority in the department. It is encouraged to share recent results that were published or those that are about /to be published.

How does it work?

The talks will be in one of the following formats.

  • Format-1: Two talks of around half an hour each by students.

  • Format-2: A talk of one hour by a student.

  • Format-3: A talk of one hour by a guest speaker(students from other departments of universities)

3MT Competition

In each seminar, a 3-minute slot is provided for the speakers of the upcoming talks to give a brief introduction to their talk. This will be in the form of a 3-minute thesis(3MT) talk. At the end of the year, the best 3MT talk will be rewarded.

Look at the nominees for 2017-18 year here