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The current research work in the lab focuses on performance analysis and design of next generation cellular mobile radio systems such as 5G-NR, wireless system and protocol design for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio, cooperative communications, multiple antenna systems, and interference modeling.

"Highly motivated students who are interested in pursuing PhD and M.Tech. (Research) in cutting-edge and challenging research problems in wireless communications may email to nbmehta@iisc.ac.in."

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Recent News
  • Vinay's paper on "TCP Throughput over Full-Duplex WLANs: Novel Implications of the AP's New Capability" has been accepted for publication at ICC 2024.
  • Suji's paper on "Insights into Cumulative Impact of Channel Estimation Errors on RIS Phase-Shift Configuration and Data Demodulation" has been accepted for presentation at ICC 2024.
  • Sriram's paper on "A Novel Demodulation and Selection Pilot Power Trade-off for Codebook-based IRS with Imperfect Channel Estimates" has been accepted for presentation at ICASSP 2024.
Project Openings

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5G Standards, network slicing in 5G,
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