P Vijay Kumar

Prof P Vijay Kumar 

Honorary Professor
Department of Electrical Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560012, India
Office: SP 2.03
email: pvk[at]iisc[dot]ac[dot]in

Current Research Interests

  • Streaming codes for low-latency communication,

  • Codes for distributed storage,

  • Low-correlation sequences for navigation satellite systems.

Our research is currently focused on the development of packet-level Forward-Error-Correction Schemes for Low-Latency Communication. Specifically, we are currently investigating schemes that allow for recovery from packet erasures under a strict decoding delay constraint. For example, we may insist that the Jth packet be recovered by the time the (J +10)th packet arrives. Such schemes are of interest in 5G applications such as vehicle-to-infrastructure or vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Other applications include augmented reality, virtual reality, multiplayer gaming, and telesurgery. Our prior work in the area has resulted in a student paper that was a finalist for the IEEE ISIT Jack Wolf Best Student Paper Award for 2019 as well as a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship. Apart from posing many theoretical challenges within coding theory, we are interacting with industry and TSDSI representatives to make sure that our research stays as relevant to practice as possible.

Recent News

Monograph on the topic "Codes for Distributed Storage"

Invited as a speaker for USC-Viterbi Auxilor lecture series.(My presentation can be found at 01:18:00 to 01:48:00)

ECE IISc Youtube Channel video:

The Novel IZ4 Spreading Code Design for NavIC's L1 Signal.(5 min presentation)

Indian patent granted for design of IZ4 family of spreading codes.

ISRO to incorporate IZ4 family of spreading codes in the new civilian L1 signal of NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation).

The proposal “Multipath Streaming Codes”, submitted to Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship India 2021 by Vinayak Ramkumar and Shobhit Bhatnagar is one of the 15 selected winners!.

Invited for a Tutorial Talk on Streaming Codes at “Twenty Seventh National Conference on Communications 2021”.