Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri

Prospective Students

For Project Staff: We typically have many openings. Candidates with BTech in ECE/CS can reach out to me.

For Prospective Postdocs: If you have a strong background in signal processing or machine learning with a good publication track record (at least two Transactions on Signal Processing, or similar, or A* papers) in top-tier journals, please reach out to me!

There are several Postdoc fellowships available within IISc through CV Raman, IoE, KAIC funding instruments. If there is a good match, then I may host your Postdoc.

For Prospective PhD and M.Tech(res) Students: Once you have been admitted to the program, please reach out to me for more details. Admissions to these programs are made at a department level by appointed committees.

For Prospective M.Tech Students: If you already have an admit to the M.Tech (Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, or ECE) program at IISc and wish to pursue your M.Tech project with me on machine learning, communications, signal processing, or optimization, please reach out to me.

Please DO NOT EMAIL me directly regarding admissions to the graduate programs at IISc or ECE. Please check the admissions websites here and here for further information.

For Undergrads seeking Internships: I may occasionally host interns in their final year. Candidates with strong research interests and academic background can reach out to me. However, I will not be responding to all the emails.