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5G NR PHY LAYER (FR1) using Software Defined Radio hardware and Open source software 21-MAR-21 Session 1.0: Overview of the 5G Testbed

Session 1.1: Introduction to 5G

Session 1.2: Introduction to PHY layer

Session 2.1: 5G Functional block diagram

Session 2.2: Introduction to OAI

Session 2.3: Introduction to OAI by Florian kaltenberger

Session_3.1 SW and HW setup for 5G NR

Session 3.2: nFAPI implementation

Session 3.3: Theory and demonstration of 256 QAM

Session 4.1: Multiple MCS demonstration

Session 4.2: Demonstration of Multi-UE operation and MISO setup

Session 4.3: Uplink/Downlink Video transmission demo and Concluding remarks

Links to files will be provided
Workshop on Indoor Visible Light Communication for 5G and Beyond 30-JUL-21

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