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Antenna Theory and Practice (E8 204)

  • Instructor: Dr. Debdeep Sarkar, ECE, IISc
    Course-type: Elective (January Term)
    Credits: 3:0
    Timing: 11:30 AM-1:00 PM IST on Tuesday and Thursday

    Tentative Syllabus:

    1. Definitions & Preliminary topics: Application areas of Antennas, Maxwell's Equations and Boundary conditions, Wave Equations, Infinitesimal (Hertzian) Dipoles.
    2. Wire Antennas (Dipole and Loop): Finite Length Dipoles from Transmission line approach, Monopoles, Inverted-F Antennas, Loop Antennas, Yagi-Uda and Log-periodic antennas.
    3. Aperture-type and Microstrip Antennas: Radiation from apertures, aperture distribution, horn and parabolic dish antennas, Transmission line and Cavity model for patch antennas.
    4. Antenna Array Theory: Array factors, Linear and planar arrays, Array synthesis approaches, Microstrip patch and printed dipole arrays, Generalized Array factors using Cross-correlation Greens functions.
    5. Advanced Topics: MIMO Antenna configurations, Pattern and polarization diversity, Mutual coupling reduction techniques, correlation coefficients, Massive MIMO system design.

    The course will have programming and design assignments using MATLAB Antenna Toolbox for understanding and visualization.

    Grading Policy:

    (a) Home Assignments: 30%
    (b) Mid-term: 20%
    (c) End-term/Course Project: 50%

    Pre-requisites: Presence of preliminary knowledge about vectors, coordinate transform, partial differential equations, circuit theory and transmission lines would be great. However, most of these topics will be reviewed before introducing any new topic in the class.


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