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Welcome to Kausik Majumdar’s research group at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering at Indian Institute of Science. We use a combination of theoretical and experimental techniques to investigate the electrical and optoelectronic properties of low dimensional materials and their nanostructures. We are also equally interested in applying these fascinating properties to develop novel devices, encompassing the entire spectrum of device design and simulation, device fabrication using state of the art semiconductor fabrication techniques, and device characterization using various electrical, optical and spectroscopic techniques.

News & Events

October 2021
Our work on negative diiferential photoconductance using non-radiative energy transfer appears in ACS Nano.

February 2021
Our work on anomalous quantum confined Stark effect in monolayer WS2 is accepted in Physical Review B.

January 2021
Our work on accurate extraction of Schottky barrier height and universality of Fermi level depinning in van der Waals contact is accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.

December 2020
Our demonstration of a tellurium nanowire based dual gated junctionless transistor with contact-barrier-free carrier injection is accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.

November 2020
Our work on linear Stark effect in bilayer WS2 appears in ACS Photonics.

October 2020
Our work on tunable Esaki diode using van der Waals heterojunction and its application in memory and oscillators appears in ACS Nano.

May 2020
We show gate and light tunable negative differential resistance using CDW phase change in TaS2/MoS2 junction in a paper in ACS Nano.

February 2020
Our work on ultra-fast chrged-exciton (trion) switch appears in Physical Review B (Rapid Communication).

Our work on energy transfer driven Raman enhancement appears in ACS Photonics.

Our invited paper on origin of selectively enhanced quantum emission from monolayers on metal appears in Special Issue on Materials for Quantum Technologies: Computing, Information, and Sensing of Journal of Applied Physics.

July 2019
Our work on strong light emission from metallic 2H-TaSe2 appears in Communications Physics.

Our work on extremely sensitive photodetection by light absorption in graphene appears in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

June 2019
Sarthak receives Graphene 2019 student travel grant to present his work in Rome.

April 2019
Dr. Majumdar gives a talk at MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix.

Medha presents her work at MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix.

Our work on layer degree of freedom of exciton appears in Phys. Rev. B.

Our work on exciton-trion coherent coupling driven transport appears in npj 2D Materials and Applications.

March 2019
Our work on single- and two-photon luminescence enhancement by non-radiative energy transfer appears in ACS Nano.

February 2019
Dr. Majumdar gave a talk at the Physics Department in IIT Madras on two-dimensional excitons in layered materials and their heterojunctions.

Our work charge density wave driven resistance switching in 1T-TaS2/2H-MoS2 heterojunction appears in Phys. Rev. Applied.

Dr. Majumdar gave a talk on inter-layer charge and energy transfer in First Indian Materials Conclave 2019, Bangalore.

Our work on fundamental excitonic linewidth broadening in monolayer TMDS appears in Phys. Rev. B.