PhD Students

1. Karthik Vasudeva - Postdoctoral researcher  (Joined In 2020)
2. Farhan Adam Mukadam (joined in 2019 as part of the IISc-CMC MD-PhD programme)
3. Maria Francis (Joined In 2019)
4. Pavan Kumar G V V R (Joined In 2019)
5. Swati Bhattacharya (Joined In 2019)
6. B Satwika (Joined In 2018)
7. Shubham Sharma (Joined In 2015), Working On Signal Processing for Affordable And Portable MRI
8. Aakash Agarwal (Joined In 2014), Working On Understanding Vision In Human Brain. Jointly With Prof. S. P. Arun In The Bioengineering Programme