Research Areas

  • Blind synchronization for OFDM, SC-FDMA and MIMO-OFDM

  • Blind parameter estimation for OFDM

  • Intellligent SDR for OFDM and OTFS

  • Physical layer security for cogtnitive radios, cooperative communication, mmWave and NOMA

  • Full-Duplex for intelligent reflecting surface

  • Interference cancellation by using sequence and 2D-array

  • Mathamtical modeling of Sequence and 2D-array

Testbed of Intelligent SDR

The testbed consists of software and hardware parts. The software part includes LabVIEW 15.0 and MATLAB 13 running on WINDOWS 7 platform at transmitter and receiver end. The hardware consists of two NI PXIe-1085 chassis one at the receiver and one at the receiver.

Each hardware chassis is equipped with two vector signal generators (NI PXIe-5673) that acts as the transmitter and two vector signal analyzers that act as the receiver (NI PXIe-5663). Each VSG again consists of three parts: dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator (NI PXIe-5450), RF upconverter (NI PXIe-5611), and RF continuous waveform generator(NI PXIe-5652).

Each VSA also consists of three parts: RF down-converter (NI PXIe-5601), RF continuous waveform generator (NI PXIe-5652), and 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (NI PXIe-5622). The chassis is equipped with (NI PXIe-8135) embedded controller which has a 2.3 GHz Intel i7 microprocessor with all peripherals like USB, LAN, HDMI, etc.

Research Funding

  • Adaptive Traffic signaling with an Alert System (ATSAS), TIH of NMICPS, 30 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • Developing an efficient AI Enabled Video Surveillance System for Automatic Crime Activity, IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd, 30 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • Retail Crime Activity Analysis, Incubation Centre IIT Patan, 10 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • Start-up grants, IISc, 158 Lakhs

  • Young Faculty Research Fellowship, Digital India Corporation, 37 Lakhs

  • Efficient Non-Stationary OFDM based Multicarrier Waveform Design for High Data Rate Next Generation Mobile Wireless Communication, Meity, 64 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • FPGA testbed for Modulation Classification of OFDM, MIMO-OFDM, SERB, 21 Lakhs

  • Blind STO and CFO Estimation and Implementation over OFDM and MIMO-SC-FDMA testbed, SERB, 25 Lakhs

  • Secrecy Capacity analysis for Cognitive radios, Meity, 25 Lakhs

  • Advanced Wireless Networks: Joint Design of Technology and Business Models course , GIAN, MHRD, 14 Lakhs

  • Number Systems for Digital Signal Processing course, GIAN, MHRD, 8 Lakhs

  • Mathematical Framework of Sequence Design for Wireless Communication Systems, GIAN, MHRD, 5.44 Lakhs

  • Developing Signal processing for wireless communication lab, Start-up grant IIT Patna, 175 Lakhs

  • Intelligent Receiver design by using statistical and machine learning approach, Meity, 68 Lakhs