Research Areas

  • 6G and beyond wireless communication systems

  • Backscatter communication for 6G

  • Active intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) or reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) for 6G

  • Intelligent software-defined radio (SDR) for OFDM and OTFS for 6G

  • Physical layer security for cognitive radios, cooperative communication, mmWave and NOMA

  • Mathematical modelling of Sequence and 2D-array for wireless communication systems

  • Machine learning for 6G wireless communication

  • OTFS-based modern system design for 6G

Current Research

Testbed of Intelligent SDR

The testbed consists of software and hardware parts. The software part includes LabVIEW 15.0 and MATLAB 13 running on WINDOWS 7 platform at transmitter and receiver end. The hardware consists of two NI PXIe-1085 chassis one at the receiver and one at the receiver.

Each hardware chassis is equipped with two vector signal generators (NI PXIe-5673) that acts as the transmitter and two vector signal analyzers that act as the receiver (NI PXIe-5663). Each VSG again consists of three parts: dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator (NI PXIe-5450), RF upconverter (NI PXIe-5611), and RF continuous waveform generator(NI PXIe-5652).

Each VSA also consists of three parts: RF down-converter (NI PXIe-5601), RF continuous waveform generator (NI PXIe-5652), and 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (NI PXIe-5622). The chassis is equipped with (NI PXIe-8135) embedded controller which has a 2.3 GHz Intel i7 microprocessor with all peripherals like USB, LAN, HDMI, etc.

Research Funding

  • Adaptive Traffic signaling with an Alert System (ATSAS), TIH of NMICPS, 30 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • Developing an efficient AI Enabled Video Surveillance System for Automatic Crime Activity, IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd, 30 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • Retail Crime Activity Analysis, Incubation Centre IIT Patan, 10 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • Start-up grants, IISc, 158 Lakhs

  • Young Faculty Research Fellowship, Digital India Corporation, 37 Lakhs

  • Efficient Non-Stationary OFDM based Multicarrier Waveform Design for High Data Rate Next Generation Mobile Wireless Communication, Meity, 64 Lakhs, Co-PI

  • FPGA testbed for Modulation Classification of OFDM, MIMO-OFDM, SERB, 21 Lakhs

  • Blind STO and CFO Estimation and Implementation over OFDM and MIMO-SC-FDMA testbed, SERB, 25 Lakhs

  • Secrecy Capacity analysis for Cognitive radios, Meity, 25 Lakhs

  • Advanced Wireless Networks: Joint Design of Technology and Business Models course , GIAN, MHRD, 14 Lakhs

  • Number Systems for Digital Signal Processing course, GIAN, MHRD, 8 Lakhs

  • Mathematical Framework of Sequence Design for Wireless Communication Systems, GIAN, MHRD, 5.44 Lakhs

  • Developing Signal processing for wireless communication lab, Start-up grant IIT Patna, 175 Lakhs

  • Intelligent Receiver design by using statistical and machine learning approach, Meity, 68 Lakhs