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Ph D

      1. Dr Farhan Mukadam, MD (joined in 2019 as part of the IISc-CMC MD-PhD programme)
      2. Swati Bhattacharya (joined in 2019)
      3. Maria Francis (joined in 2019)
      4. G V V R Pavan Kumar (joined in 2019)
      5. B Satwika (joined in 2018)

Past PhD Students

    1. Shubham Sharma (2022), working on signal processing for affordable and portable MRI
    2. Patrich Fuchs ( TU Delft, 2020), Worked on Electromagnetic fields in affordable portable MRI systems, jointly supervised with Prof Rob Remis (TU Delft) and Prof Geert Leus (TU Delft)
    3. Srikanth Raj (2020), worked on Acoustic microphone arrays, jointly supervised with Prof T V Sreenivas
    4. Aakash Agarwal (2020), worked on understanding vision in human brain. Jointly with Prof. S. P. Arun in the Bioengineering Programme
    5. H G Ranjani (2020), Worked on Indian Art music raaga classification. Jointly supervised by T V Sreenivas
    6. Jishnu Sadasivan (2018), worked on speech signal denoising. Jointly supervised by T V Sreenivas, Chandra Sekhar S
    7. Amit K Dutta (2015), Worked on Minimum BER based wireless systems. Working in NXP
    8. Dileep Dinesh Gaurav (2015), Worked on Optimization in Wireless Networks. Working in Microsoft Bangalore
    9. Sooraj K Ambat (2015).  Worked on Sparse Signal Processing Algorithms. Working in NPOL, Cochin
    10. Renu Jose (2014). Worked on the Estimation of impairments in a wireless communication system. Currently a faculty member IIIT Kottayam. Kerala
    11. Rakshith Rajashekar (2014). Worked on Spatial Modulation in MIMO Wireless Communication. Currently at University of Southampton
    12. Satya Sudhakar Yedlapalli (2010) worked on the Line Spectral Model of a finite length sequence. Currently, he is working at BITS Pilani, Bangalore
    13. Ajit Gupte (2010) worked on novel DSP architectures for Image processing systems (jointly with Prof. Bharadwaj Amrutur). Working in Texas Instruments, Bangalore.
    14. Bhavani Shankar (2007) worked on MIMO OFDM algorithms. Currently, he is a Post-doctoral researcher at University of Luxembourg.
    15. A Vijayakrishna (2007) worked on MIMO OFDM algorithms. Currently he is a co-founder of a start-up in the education sector, Bangalore.
    16. Joby Joseph (2004). Worked on Acoustic source separation using only TWO microphones. Currently he is a faculty at University of Hyderabad.

M.Sc (Engg)/MTech(Research)

Past MSc(Engg) Students

  1. L. Srinivas (1994), did his research work in identifying non-minimum-phase systems using Higher-Order Statistics. He is presently working with TI, Dallas.
  2. Yogish K. Lavanis(1995), did his research work in obtaining a new kernel for the Wigner distribution to smoothen the cross-terms. He is a Co-Founder of Valued Epistemics Ltd, Chennai
  3. Shishir K. L (1998), worked on blind co-channel algorithms using an antenna array for use in mobile communication.
  4. S Karthik (2003) worked on Alternative Inteleaving Schemes for Interleaved Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  5. Avinash Achar (2004) worked on DOA estimation of spatially distributed sources. Completed his PhD in EE, IISc and now at TCS, Chennai.
  6. T S Vinod (2004) worked on Optimal Pilot tones for Inteleaved Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems. Working at Intel, Bangalore.
  7. A Prabhakar (2005) worked on Timing Offset and Frequency Offset Estimation MIMO OFDM algorithms.
  8. Mukund Sriram (2014). Worked on Block Sparse recovery algorithms
  9. Kiran Gunde (2019), worked on Index modulation
  10. B Abhilash (2018), working on wireless channel modelling for network of drones

M.E./ M. Tech

Past M.E / M. Tech Students

  1. Uma Chukka (1991) [Osmania University] Effect of Spatial Smoothing on the performance of subspace methods in the presence of Array model errors
  2. B. V. Ramakrishnan (1994), worked on the performance analysis of a modified spatial smoothing technique for estimating the directions of signals using an antenna array.
  3. G Nirmala (1995) An Object-Oriented Geopgraphic Inforamtion System
  4. K Shivarama Prasad (1995) MADNESS: Multimedia Applications on a Distributed System offering Services
  5. Rajeev Kumar(1996), worked on a recursive identification of multiple channel FIR filters. He is now with Motorola(India), Bangalore.
  6. V Raghunathan(1996), worked on study of adaptive beamformers in mobile communication. He is at Chennai.
  7. Alok Kumar Singh(1997), worked on blind estimation of co-channel signals in TDMA systems using an antenna array. he is working at Tata Elxsi India, Bangalore.
  8. Vidhyacharan Bhaskar (1997). He obtained his PhD from Univ of Alabama, Huntsville and is now a Faculty at San Francisco Univ.
  9. Sachin Suil Deo (1997) worked on Digital Signal Processing based interface for a fiber optic gyroscope
  10. Joby Joseph(1998), worked on separating speech sources using the Kalman Filter. He completed his PhD from ECE, IISc and now a Faculty member at University of Hyderabad.
  11. Shine Thomas (1998), worked on speech enhancement. He is currently working at Silicon Automation Systems (India), Bangalore.
  12. Major U Visweswaran (1998), worked on implementing a Time-frequency Analyser using DSP processors. He has returned to his Army base.
  13. Girish Ganesan (1998), did his work on identifying AR and AARMA systems using HOS. He pursued his Ph.D at the Uppsala University, Sweden and is now in the US working for a financial company, Prediction.com
  14. M. Raghuraman (1998) worked on estimating the directions of scattered sources using an antenna array.
  15. N. Barker (1999) worked on the application of cyclostationary signal processing techniques for direction estimation and co-channel interference cancellation, using sensor arrays.
  16. Priyank Saxena (1999) worked on estimating the directions of scattered sources using an antenna array.
  17. Sandeep Sehgal (1999) worked on the performance of subspace methods for co-channel interference suppression using antenna arrays for QPSK signals.
  18. Krishnagiri (1999) worked on the study of of methods for co-channel interference suppression using antenna arrays.
  19. Ravi Kandarpa (2001) worked on OFDM. He is with NXP Semiconductors.
  20. Sriram (2001) worked on OFDM. He is with Imagination Technologies, Hyderabad.
  21. V G S Prasad (2002) worked on OFDM and Proposed Interleaved OFDM. He is a co-founder of Squid Design Systems, Hyderabad
  22. Kalyan Krishnan (2002) worked on synchronisation for OFDM systems. He is with Xilinx, Hyderabad.
  23. Venkat Reddy (2002) worked on DOA estimation in impulsive noise situation.
  24. Biju C Thomas (2002) worked on active noise cancellation in headphones. At present working with VSSC, ISRO, Thiruvanathapuram.
  25. Inderpal Singh (2002) worked on channel estimation for OFDM. He is now with Telus, Canada.
  26. Deepak R (2004). worded on Harmonic Mean of SquaredProduct Distances – A new criterion to design codes for Independent Fading channels. Post-doc at Technion, Israel.
  27. A Venkat Reddy (2003) worked on Subspae based DOA estimation in heavy tailed environments
  28. Sachin Chaudhuri (2004) worked on OFDM algorithms. Faculty at IIIT Hyderabad.
  29. Abhishek Kumar Singh (2004) worked on Sign-based forgetting factor RL algorithm.
  30. Ashok Kumar Reddy (2005) worked on Signal Processing algorithms for WiMAX OFDMA uplink and Adaptive Modulation for MIMO-OFDM. Working at Samsung, Bangalore.
  31. T V K Chaitanya(2005) worked on WiMAX systems. Working as Post-doc at McGill Univ.
  32. V Lalitha (2006) worked on DOA estimation in impulsive noise. Faculty at IIIT Hyderabad
  33. Vijay Patel (2006). Faculty in an Engg college, Gujarat.
  34. Avik Santra (2010) worked on CFO estimation in MIMO/OFDM/OFDMA systems. Working at EADS, Bangalore.
  35. Rajendraprasad Matcha (2010)worked on change detection algorithms using magnetometer sensor data. Working at Pune.
  36. Naganjaneyulu GVSSKR (2010) worked on sensitivity analysis of microphone arrays. Working as faculty at RGUKT, Nuzvid, AP.
  37. V G K Murthy (2011) worked on Interference Alignment for MIMO systems. Working in Bangalore.
  38. M Yashwanth (2011) worked on Channel Shortening for MIMO systems. Working in Bangalore.
  39. E S Stalin (2011) worked on MIMO Radar. Working in NPOL, Cochin.
  40. Kishore Kumar V (2012) worked on Indoor Positioning system. Working in DRDO.
  41. Nijil K (2012) worked on Sensors for road traffic measurements and vehicle classification. Working in Bangalore.
  42. Subhadra Singh (2012) worked on Indoor Positioning systems. Working in CRL-BEL, Bangalore.
  43. N Siva Rama Krishna Jogi Raju (2013) worked on performance Analysis of OFDM over Different Channels and Channel shortening algorithms.
  44. Girisha R. Shetty (2013) worked on Indoor positioning system.  Working in Broadcom, Bangalore.
  45. Sachin R Ambedkar (2013) worked on sparse signal processing algorithms for radar signal  processing.  Working in DARE, Bangalore
  46. K G Deepa (2014) worked on fusion algorithms for sparse signal processing. Working in Ittiam, Bangalore.
  47. Joni Kumar(2014) worked on indoor positioning systems.
  48. Abhinay Shukla (2016) worked on building a robot for disaster management
  49. Debjyoti Ghosh (2016) worked on Study of Total Least Squares and Data Least Squares approach for Greedy Pursuit Algorithms for Sparse Recovery
  50. Rajeev R (2016) worked on Xampling and other techniques
  51. Venkatesh G (2016) worked on sparse signal processing algorithms
  52. Vikram Kotte (2017), worked on sparse signal processing algorithms
  53. Deepu Kumar (2017), worked on spatial/index modulation algorithms in wireless communication
  54. Shibsankar Das (2017), worked on overtaking detection in video scene analysis for road safety
  55. Saptarshi Chatterjee (2017), worked on embedded system design for channel modelling in network of drones
  56. M Firozshah (2018), worked on channel modelling and wireless system design for drone networks
  57. P Shivakumar (2018), worked on channel modelling and wireless system design for drone networks
  58. Isha Khatana (2019), worked on autonomous navigation for large vehicles
  59. Vikneshwaran (2019), worked on autonomous navigation for large vehicles
  60. Ananda Shankar Bhattacharya (2019) worked on drone channel measurements
  61. Elayaperumal (2019) (DRDO), worked on phased array radar processing
  62. Anik Saha (2020) worked on image classification of Indian road traffic using Deep learning
  63. Ankit Wahane (2020) worked on object detection using point cloud LIDAR data
  64. N Srinu (2020) worked on Beam sweeping mechanism in 5G NR systems


  1. Supreeta M, Admin Assistant
  2. Prateek G V, Project Associate (Aug 2011 – Jun 2013)
  3. Shree Ranga Raju, Project Associate (Jan 2012 – Sep 2012)
  4. Rakshith Jagannath, Project Associate
  5. Avinash Mohan, Project Associate
  6. Vijayarani, Administrative Assistant
  7. Rajkumar V, Project Associate
  8. Sahitya Maruvada, B.E. Intern (SASTRA University), Jun 2013 – Jul 2013
  9. Prateek B. S., B.E. Intern (R. V. College of Engg., B’lore – VTU) July 2013 – Sept 2013 (Indian Academy of Sciences Fellowship)
  10. Maanu Palthiya, B.E. Intern (University College of Engg., Hyd – Osmania University), Jun 2013 – Jul 2013 (IISc Summer Fellowship)
  11. Anjana V. Rao, B.E. Intern (MSRIT, B’lore – VTU), Jul 2013 – Aug 2013 (Indian Academy of Sciences Fellowship)
  12. Abhinav V. S. , B.E. Intern ( NIT, Trichy), May 2013 – July 2013
  13. Anusha Ravitla, B.E. Intern ( NIT, Trichy), May 2013 – June 2013
  14. Bhagyasree M. R. , B.E. Intern (Model Engg. College, Thrikkakara – CUSAT), May 2013 – June 2013 (Indian Academy of Sciences Fellowship)
  15. Priyans Murarka B.E. , Intern ( BITS-PILANI K. K. Birla Goa Campus), May 2013 – Dec 2013
  16. Rohank Agarwal, B.E. Intern (ISM, Dhanbad), May 2013 – July 2013
  17. V. Shivanesh Bharathi, B.E. Intern ( SASTRA University), May 2013 – July 2013
  18. Aditya U. S. , B.E. Intern (BITS-PILANI Hyderabad), Jan 2013 – May 2013
  19. Isaac Skog , Post-Doc, School of Electrical Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. (Oct 2011 – )
  20. John-Olof Nilsson, PhD Student, School of Electrical Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. (Oct 2011 – )
  21. Siddhartan Govindasamy Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA under the MIT-INDIA Program in 2006. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, MA, USA
  22. Theja T, (Jun-Jul 2009) graduate student at MIT.edu
  23. Ranjitha Kulkarni, B.E student at NIT Surathkal spent 8 weeks during May-Jul 2009 under the Fellowship programme of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.
  24. Abhishek Basak, B.E. student at Jadavpur University spent 8 weeks during May-Jul 2009 under the Fellowship programme of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.
  25. Rakshith, B.E. Student at NIT Jaipur (May-Jul 2009)
  26. Tarun, B.E. Student at NIT Surathkal (May-Jul 2009)