I have the following job openings/opportunities for research in my group:

Project Assistantships/Internships

As a project assistant, you will be responsible for all aspects of the execution of a selected project. The project will be focussed, so you can expect to get a comprehensive experience on all aspects of implementing a significant research project, starting from setting up equipment, to conducting extensive literature survey, deriving new results, programming and setting up simulations, writing research papers and technical reports and making detailed technical presentations to expert committees. The only limitation on what can be done is how much energy and interest you have. The pay will be as per the Institute norms and I expect you to be willing to commit to working on the project for at least a year for project assistants and at least 6 months for interns (it won't work out for either of us if it is for a shorter duration). People with B.Tech or M.Tech in ECE/CS/EE with experience in Matlab/C programming are welcome to apply by sending me an e-mail with your CV.

Important: I get a lot of emails from students seeking project assistantships/internships. Many times, these are boilerplate emails, which could be written to anybody. I generally do not reply to such emails, although I do read all emails. I pay attention to emails that are personalized: emails that explain your background and why it would be a good fit for the kind of work I do. So, I encourage you to spend a some time going through my webpage, understand a bit about what I do, and then write to me.

Masters Students

As a Masters' student, if you sign up for doing your project with me, I will try to give you the flavor of the thrill of discovering something new. However, since the time duration of the project is short, this will be possible only if you start working on a specific problem from the first day you start here. Some example areas in which you could work (in any old order) include:

  • Energy budget calculations and techniques for improving the energy efficiency
  • Massive MIMO communications, beyond 5G and 6G
  • Machine learning for communications
  • Sparse signal processing and related aspects

And the list goes on. If you wish to work with me, just send me an e-mail.

PhD Students

The PhD is a journey, but the end goal is twofold: (a) for you to get to the point where you know a lot more than me on the topic you choose to specialize in, and (b) for you to gain the confidence that you can do independent high-quality research. There's loads to discuss about doing a PhD with me, so if you are interested, do send me an e-mail and lets find a mutually convenient time to chat.

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