Signal Processing for Communications Lab

Dept. of ECE, IISc

As the name of the lab suggests, we are interested in the areas of digital signal processing, information theory, estimation theory, and their applications in the optimization of (mainly, wireless) communication systems. For recent publications, click here.

Group members: here

In the picture above:
Bottom row, L to R: Abhishek Anand, Souradeep Ghosh, Chirag Ramesh, Niladri Halder, Aastha Vijay Balpande, Rohit Kumar, Gadela Venkata Sai Mahesh
Top row, L to R: Chandra Murthy, Prabhat Kumar, Rupam Kalyan Chakraborty, Krishna Praveen, Yashvanth L., Anubhab Chowdhury

Picture taken March 2023.

Old pictures are here.

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