My research interests are broadly in the areas of digital signal processing, information theory, estimation theory, and their applications in the optimization of MIMO wireless communication systems. Some of the projects I have worked on in the past are:

  • Transmit optimization/precoding in MIMO systems
  • CSI feedback schemes in MISO/MIMO systems
  • MIMO (semi-blind) channel estimation techniques
  • Channel feedback for OFDM
  • Tracking time varying channels in feedback based systems
  • Effect of estimation errors, feedback delay and channel errors on communication systems
  • Robust channel estimation in time division duplex (TDD) systems

Currently, I am interested in problems in:

  • Source coding and joint source-channel coding
  • MIMO/OFDM channel estimation
  • Cognitive radio
  • Energy harvesting based communications
  • Scheduling and resource allocation
  • Compressive sensing and sparse Bayesian learning
  • Interference management

You can find more information at the lab web-site SPC Lab or on the publications page.

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