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Dr.Chandra. R. MurthyI am a Professor in the department of Electrical Communication Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. My research interests are primarily in the areas of digital signal processing, information theory, estimation theory, and their applications in the optimization of wireless communication systems.

5G Testbed Laboratory, ECE Department, IISc


  • [16 Nov. 2023]: SPCOM 2024 is announced!
  • [30 Sep. 2023]: Appointed as an Area Editor (Communications) for the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.
  • [06 Sep. 2023]: Delivered the Institute colloquium at the Faculty Hall, IISc. Video.
  • [25 Aug. 2023]: Elected as a fellow of the INAE effective Nov. 01, 2023!
  • [22 Jul. 2023]: Gave a talk at the Bharat 6G Summit held at the Dept. of ECE, IISc Bangalore.
  • [16 Apr. 2023]: Gave a talk at the National Conference on 6G Spectrum, Technologies, and Standardization by ITU held at Hotel Aloft, Bangalore. Slides.
  • [27 Feb. 2023]: The paper: Sudarsanan Krishnan, Vineeth Bala Sukumaran, and Chandra R. Murthy, On the Optimal Tradeoff of Age of Information and Transmission Power for Point-To-Point Links, National Conference on Communications, Guwahati, India, Feb. 2023, won the best paper award in the networking track at the conference! Certificate, pdf
  • [15 Dec. 2022]: Delivered a talk titled “New Modulation Waveforms for Delay and Time-scale Spread Wideband Channels” to the OTFS SIG. The video recording is available on YouTube. Slides here.
  • [13 Dec. 2022]: Geethu Joseph won the IEEE SPS Best PhD Dissertation Award! Congratulations, Geethu! Her thesis: pdf Video presentation.
  • [02 Dec. 2022]: Arunkumar K. P successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Arun! Here is his Thesis.
  • [21 Nov. 2022]: Chandra R. Murthy is elevated as an IEEE Fellow! Here is the list of newly elevated fellows. My lab members brought me this beautiful cake, here is a photo. Rahul Vaze sketched this picture to mark the occasion. Thank you, Rahul!
  • [16 Nov. 2022]: L. Yashvanth won the IEEE ComSoc Student Travel Grant to present his accepted paper at Globecom 2022: L. Yashvanth and Chandra R. Murthy, Cascaded Channel Estimation for Distributed IRS Aided mmWave Massive MIMO Systems, IEEE Global Communications Conference, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Dec. 2022. Congratulations, Yashvanth!
  • [08 Nov. 2022]: Chandra R. Murthy has elected to the IEEE SPS SAM TC. [The website will be updated to include new members in Jan. 2023.]
  • [20 Sep. 2022]: Our book chapter on Sparsity-aware Bayesian inference is available for free for a limited period of time, click here. Reference: Geethu Joseph, Saurabh Khanna, Chandra R. Murthy, Ranjitha Prasad, Sai Subramanyam Thoota, Sparsity-aware Bayesian inference and its applications, Handbook of Statistics, Elsevier, 2022.
  • [08 Jul. 2022]: Our paper on ODSS is listed in the IEEE ComSoc's best reading list in the area of Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) and Delay Doppler Signal Processing for June 2022 (click on Topic: Alternative Time-Frequency Transformation-based Modulation.) The paper is: Arunkumar K. P. and C. R. Murthy, Orthogonal Delay Scale Space Modulation: A New Technique for Wideband Time-Varying Channels, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 70, pp. 2625-2638, Jun. 2022.
  • [05 Jul. 2022]: Arunkumar K. P.'s paper won the best student paper award at SPAWC 2022. The paper is: Arunkumar K. P., Chandra R. Murthy, and P. Muralikrishna, Variable Bandwidth Multicarrier Communications: A New Waveform for the Delay-Scale Channel, 23rd IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC), Oulu, Finland, July 2022. video. Chirag Ramesh accepted the award on Arun's behalf: Photo 1, Photo 2. Congratulations Arun!
  • [23 Jun. 2022]: Yashvanth's proposal titled Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Opportunistic Multi-user Communication won the “super-winner” in the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2022! Linkedin post. Congratulations Yashvanth!
  • [27 Jan. 2022]: Along with Geethu Joseph, I will be offering a tutorial titled “From Control Theory to Compressed Sensing” at the European Control Conference, London, UK, 12-15 July 2022.

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