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Best Paper: "Channels with Action Dependent States and Common Reconstructions"
Viswanathan Ramachandran and Sibi Raj B Pillai (IIT Bombay, India); Vinod M Prabhakaran (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)
1st runner up: "Maximally Recoverable Codes with Hierarchical Locality"
Aaditya M Nair (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India); V. Lalitha (International Institute of Information Technology, India)
2nd runner up: "Conditions for Optimality of Superposition Coding in Discrete Memoryless Broadcast Channels"
Harikumar Krishnamurthy and Parikshit Hegde (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India); Andrew Thangaraj (IIT Madras, India)