Welcome to NCC 2019!


Prospective authors are invited to submit manuscripts containing sufficient detail to facilitate review by experts in the field. Submitted manuscripts must be in PDF format, should not exceed 6 pages in length, should use font size no smaller than 10 points, and should have all 4 margins on a page of width 0.5 inches or larger. The page limit of 6 pages will be strictly imposed. All submissions must take place through the  EDAS paper portal.

The deadline for submission is Saturday, September 15, 2018, 23:59 IST. The deadline for notification of decisions is Wednesday, December 5, 2018. The deadline for the final camera-ready paper is Sunday, December 30, 2018. Final manuscript guidelines will be made available after the notification of decisions. Paper submission links:

Communications Track: https://edas.info/newPaper.php?c=25340&track=92756 .

Networks Track: https://edas.info/newPaper.php?c=25340&track=92757 .

Signal Processing Track: https://edas.info/newPaper.php?c=25340&track=92758 .

Important note: Different from previous editions of NCC, reviewing for NCC 2019 will be double-blind. That is, both the author as well as referee names will be hidden from each other. For most conferences, only the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers; but in the double-blind review process, the reviewers also will not know the identity of the authors. Note, however, that the Technical Program Committee Chairs do know the author identities, to avoid accidental conflicts of interest and to help determine novelty.

In order to effectively implement double-blind reviewing, an obvious requirement is that no author names should be included in the submitted manuscript (PDF file). Moreover, no direct or indirect reference should be made that could reveal the identity of the authors. Thus, the submission should certainly NOT contain the names of the authors, institution names, email ids etc. Also, authors must refer to their own prior work in the third person, and should NOT include research grant/proposal numbers etc. Any submissions not meeting these requirements will be rejected without review. Note that, with double blind submissions and reviews, the only way the TPC Chairs will know the authors of a paper is if all authors are listed in the EDAS portal, as this information is not available in the PDF. Therefore, it is very important to include all authors in the EDAS portal. To do this, after registering the title, abstract and topics for the paper on EDAS, in the second page, you MUST add all authors who contributed to the paper. The TPC Chairs will not be able to add authors after paper acceptance.

Authors are encouraged to use LaTeX to format their manuscripts, using the style file and example below. Authors using other means to prepare their manuscripts should attempt to adhere to the style of the example as closely as possible. To view the style, print out the file 'ncc2019_example.pdf' below.

Paper template (.pdf):  ncc2019_example.pdf.

Paper template (.tex): ncc2019_example.tex.

LaTeX style file: IEEEtran.cls.

Authors using Microsoft Word to prepare their manuscript are encouraged to use standard IEEE conference templates from the following link: IEEE conference templates.

Another important Note: All submitted papers will undergo a plagiarism check. Any papers that do not pass this check will be rejected without review and the names of the authors will be reported to IEEE.