Industrial Consultancy

  • TETCOS, Bangalore (2004-Ongoing): Advice on the development of a network simulation package (called Netsim) for networking lab experimentation and project work. I have provided technical advice on simulation software architecture, explained the functioning of the various networking protocols, and used analytical models to help verify the simulation outputs. From being a small educational software package in the early years, today NetSim is being use to answer professional networking questions, is competitive at the world level, and has over 400 customers worldwide.
  • Bell Laboratories, Januray 2006 – December 2006: Design and analysis of rural wireless broadband networks.
  • Airtight Networks, Pune, 2005-2006: Advice on monitoring and performance aspects of wireless local area networks.
  • Satyam Research, Bangalore (2004-2006): Collaboration on research in the area of performance analysis of and resource allocation in wireless access networks.
  • Philips Telekom, Germany (1994 – 1996): Traffic engineering of a cell in the GSM system for mobile telephony, with full rate and half rate coded mobile stations.
  • ITI (1994 – 1996): Performance analysis and performance optimisation of the call processing subsystem of the ITI Digital Switching System.
  • SONATA (software division of IOCL) (1993): Advice in the development of a Local Area Network simulation package.
  • WIPRO Information Technologies (1991): Performance analysis of WIPRO’s multiprocessor system architecture.
  • C-DOT (Centre for Development of Telematics) (1989 – 1990): Performance analysis, performance optimisation, and development of overload controls for the call processing subsystem of the C-DOT Digital Switching System.