Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Technology (Research)

Master of Technology

  • Vishnu Kunde.
    • Transaction fee and confirmation time in cryptocurrencies. 2022.
    • PhD student, Texas A&M University, College Station.
  • Nikita Parate.
    • Network intrusion detection based on Bi-LSTM. 2020.
    • Applied scientist, Amazon, Bengaluru.
  • Ankit Dhiman.
    • Minimum latency replication codes for distributed storage-constrained systems. 2019.
    • Data scientist, Chistats, Pune.
  • Gaurav Gautam.
    • Peer to peer streaming. 2019.
    • PhD student, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
  • Manju M Raj.
    • Information age in wireless sensor networks. 2018.
    • Scientist, CABS, DRDO.

Postdoctoral fellow

  • Kumar Saurav. 2024.
    • Postdoctoral fellow, Ohio State University.
  • Sudheer Poojary. 2017.
    • Staff engineer, Corporate R&D, Qualcomm, Bengaluru.

Bachelor of Science

  • Aditya Priya.
    • Optimal static scheduling in heterogeneous queuing systems with minimum performance guarantees. 2024.
    • PhD student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Project Associate

Project Intern

Summer Intern

Project Trainee