Post Doctoral position

Mar 28, 2024: Prospective postdoctoral researchers can apply for CNI, C V Raman, and Institute of Eminence postdoctoral positions. Please write to me first if you are interested in working with our research group.

Graduate studies

Mar 01, 2024: One PhD position is open in the distributed systems lab, in the area of deisgn, evaluation, implementation, and control of networked systems for large-scale inference networks.

Prospective graduate students need to get admitted into IISc first.
The details of research admission at ECE department can be found at the ECE admissions page.



Mar 28, 2024: Multiple research opening(s) are available in following research areas:

  • Sustainable computing
  • Network performance optimization
  • Network telemetry
  • Distributed inference
  • Data driven scheduling