For Graduate Students

As a graduate student and researcher, one needs to present one’s work to the scientific community. This presentation can be in terms of an article, or an oral presentation. Please find below a number of links that advise on improving writing and presentation skills.

Academic Writing


For preparing professional quality papers/reports in science, LaTeX is one of the most commonly used tool.

There are a variety of editors that make writing in LaTeX easier. It has been convenient to use the following editors and TeX distributions.


Easiest way to get started with LaTeX is via Overleaf since one does not have to install anything on a local computing device. Please find below a list of web resources to help get started.


Beamer is a tool to create presentations in LaTeX.


PGF/TikZ is one of the powerful tools to create graphics in LaTeX. You need to write simple code to create graphics and it doesn’t have a graphical interface. However, the code is highly re-usable.


Git is a distributed version control system.