Date: July 14, 2022; Time: 18:00PM - 19:30PM; Venue: MP-20

Moderator: Dr. Aloknath De, Executive Consulting Director and ex-CTO Samsung India

Theme: How comprehensive and relevant is today's SPCOM Research for building products and serving societal needs?

  • Research in the field of Signal processing and Communication done at various premier institutions such as IISc, and IITs have progressed tremendously in terms of quality and quantity in the recent past
  • Contributions are made to international standards and prototypes are built for upcoming technology such as 5G and 6G
  • Research collaboration between Indian academia and industry is growing and complementing each other for overall synergy
  • However, is it fulfilling all the requirements needed to meet all the needs of India both technically as well as commercially? Does it meet all the needs of the Indian industry?
  • Are we preparing and training the future leaders for the Gen-Next revolution?​
  • What is working and what it not?
  • If you wish to make one change in the education system, what would be that?​

    Santosh Kumar, MD - Texas Instrument India


  • Santosh Kumar is the Managing Director of Texas Instruments Bangalore since 2013
  • An Engineering Professional with 30+ years of experience
  • After working as ISRO Scientist for 5 years, he joined TI where He was elected as Senior Member of Technical Staff in 2004​
  • He was General manager at Bangalore between 2007 and 2010 and at Dallas between 2010 and 2013
  • He enjoys creating teams and products that are invaluable for the business
  • He had worked with leaders across globe on business, engineering, product conceptualization, creation and delivery​
  • Gireesh Rajendran, CEO - Steradian Semiconductors


  • Mr. Gireesh is the Co-founder and CEO of Steradian Semiconductors, an imaging radar company.
  • With the vision to “make roads safer through radar vision”, the Company has built Radar IC, system and software for 80GHz imaging radar. The company has shown tremendous growth over the years with customers worldwide.
  • Mr. Gireesh is one of the most accomplished radio product architects. A winner of MIT TR35, he has developed radio products from GPS to LTE at Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, products which have sold over a billion units, before co-founding Steradian.
  • Mr. Gireesh is a prolific inventor with more than 40 patents to his name.
  • He enjoys creating teams and products that are invaluable for the business
  • Geetha Manjunath, CEO – Niramai


  • Geetha is the Founder and CEO of Niramai Health Analytix, which is developing a novel solution for detecting early stage breast cancer using machine learning
  • She holds a PhD degree from IISc and a degree in Executive management from Kellogg school of management
  • Geetha has over 25 years of research expertise in IT industry (including HP, Xerox and CDAC) where she has proposed and lead multiple research projects in Artificial intelligence, crowd sourcing, cloud computing, semantic web, mobile and distributed computing
  • Her research in the above areas has resulted in innovative prototypes, patents, publications, new products and some national and international recognition
  • She has co-authored a book on Cloud computing
  • Anindya Saha, CTO – Saankhya Labs​


  • Anindya is the CTO of Saankya labs, a pioneer in software defined radios and solutions for ATSC 3.0 receiver, satellite communication and 5G RAN
  • He is an Expertise in SoC Chip Development, DSP Architecture, CPU Design and Engineering Management, HW/SW partitioning for Software Defined Radio Platform
  • He has 30+ years of industrial experience in SCL, Chandigarh, Texas Instruments, Broadcom and Saankhya labs
  • He work experience includes embedded CPU design (for ADSL at TI and for XGS switches at Broadcom) and SDR architecture (Saankhya labs)
  • He holds a M.E. degree from IISc (1996)
  • C. Gnanapriya, AVP Infosys


  • Mrs. Gnanapriya C (Priya) has 27+ years of software industry and telecom experience. She is an Associate Vice President, Senior Principal Architect heading the Architecture Practice of ECS (Energy, Utilities, Communications & Services), Business Unit, Infosys
  • She holds Master’s degree in Communications Engineering and Business Administration.
  • She has published articles, presented in leading industry forums like TMForum, W3C, ATM, ACM, The Open Group. She has led multiple industry programs, award winning catalyst projects, demonstrating ideas and solutions. ​
  • She has received TMForum industry recognition, 'Individual contributor award’, ​
  • She has co-authored book on “Digital Signal Processing”, Edition I, II published by Tata McGraw Hill, available in International edition and Mandarin language.​





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