General Instructions:

  1. It is highly advised that you carry an umbrella with you as it might rain during your stay.
  2. There is one restaurant (Nesara) and one food complex (Sarvam) in the main campus where you can have food.
  3. Trans Vahan e-rickshaws are available for in-campus travel for free. Note that the e-rickshaws will not be available during a few hours in the day and at other times, you may have to wait for 10-15 mins for it to arrive. Please check at the help desk in the ECE department for more information.

In case of any queries, you can contact via e-mail spcom2024.accommodation@gmail.com

Instructions for Jawahar Visitors House (JVH):

  1. The location of the guest house can be seen here
  2. Please note that JVH is located on the opposite side of the main campus. Therefore if you are arriving at JVH via car/cab, please enter the campus via "Gymkhana Gate" on the CV Raman Road [see here]. Mention the guard at the gate that you have reservation in JVH for SPCOM conference. You cannot travel from the main campus to JVH using any vehicle.
  3. During the conference, while traveling from JVH to ECE Department, you will have to cross an over-bridge located at the Gymkhana Gate. You can ask the directions at the JVH reception in case of any difficulty. It will lead you to the main campus near New Boys Hostel; from there, you can either walk to the ECE Department or avail of any other transportation service. The total walking time from JVH to ECE department is approximately 30 mins.
  4. The Check-In and Check-Out time for JVH is flexible. The Check-In time starts when you arrive at the guest house and fees is calculated based on the 24 hr window. For example, if you arrive at 6:00 pm on 10 July and checkout at 5:00 pm on 11 July, you will be charged for one day. But, if you checkout at 9:00 pm on 11 July, you will be charged for two days.
  5. In case you have requested to share your room with a particular participant, it is advised that both of you (you and your partner) check-in together at the guest house.
  6. To avail Transvahan service, after crossing the over-bridge, you can come to the Hoysala guest house and get into a rickshaw that will take you to the ECE department.

Instructions for Hoysala Guest House:

  1. The location of the guest house can be seen here
  2. To reach Hoysala, you should enter from the "Main Gate" of IISc [see here].
  3. The Check-In and Check-Out time for Hoysala is 8:00 AM; you will be charged according to this time.

Instructions for Main Guest House (MGH) & Centenary Visitors House (CVH):

  1. The location of the MGH can be seen here and location of CVH can be seen here
  2. To reach MGH/CVH, you should enter from the "Main Gate" of IISc [see here].
  3. The Check-In and Check-Out time for MGH/CVH is 12:00 PM; you will be charged according to this time.
  4. Dining facilities are available at MGH/CVH on a payment basis.

On-Campus Accommodation

You can request accommodation on campus only after you have registered for the conference.

Please note that very limited accommodation is available in some of the IISc guest houses. Accomodation is not guaranteed, and is given on a first-come-first-served basis (based on the date of the last update with arrival and departure information).

If you requested accommodation, but later decide that you don't need it, then please remember to cancel your request by sending an email to spcom2024.accommodation@gmail.com.    

Payment for accommodation should be made at the reception desk of the guest house at the time of departure.

After your registration is successful, you will receive an email that contains a booking ID to confirm your registration. Once you have obtained this, you can fill this form to book your accommodation.

We will inform the participants regarding the status of their accommodation request by 5th May.

Out-station students please note: NO hostel accommodation is available on IISc campus.

Fill this form to book on-campus accommodation.

Following is the list of Guest Houses inside the IISc campus and their estimated prices. Attendees requesting for accommodation will be given rooms in one of these guest houses.

Name of the Guest House


Estimated Tariffs (per day)

Jawahar Visitor's House (JVH)


Rs. 1000 (per person)


Only for Ladies Students

Rs. 1000 (per room)

Centenary Visitors' House (CVH)

Studio Apartments

Rs. 1200 + 12% GST (per room)

Main Guest House (MGH)

Non-AC rooms

Rs. 1500 + 12% GST (per room)

AC rooms

Rs. 2500 + 12% GST (per room)

Some Nearby Hotels

Following are few suggestions:

Name of the Hotel


Estimated Tariffs (per day)

Booking Link

Octave Paris Residency
(1.4 Km away)


Rs. 1000 (per person)


Octave Royal Opera
(1.3 Km away)


Rs. 1500 (per room)


Caramel Hotels
(920m away)

Standard (AC)

Rs. 2500 (per room)


Comfort Inn
(1.1 Km away)

Premium Room

Rs. 6000 + Taxes (per room)


Please note that these Hotels are not affiliated with SPCOM or IISc in any way.

Booking via third party

You may use the third party websites to book accommodation in hotels near IISc.

Following are few suggestions: Booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago

Please note that these third party websites are not affiliated with SPCOM or IISc in any way.


  1. 30th April - Fill form for accommodation.
  2. 5th May - Announce the accommodations.