Research Areas


Communication research in ECE is spread across a wide variety of topics related to 5G and beyond communications, Wireless networks, Quantum communications, MIMO technologies, Coding theory, Information theory and Machine learning for communications.

Major Research Facilities

USRP N210 kit, X310

NI PXIe-1062Q kit etc.

Computer Servers.

Signal Processing & Machine Learning

Signal processing research in ECE involve algorithms for Image and Video processing, Signal processing for communication, machine learning, Compressive sensing, Graph theory

Major Research Facilities

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Nanoelectronics & VLSI Systems

Research encompasses Nanoelectronics devices, Quantum technologies, Integrated photonics devices, and analog VLSI circuits, RF sensors and Radar systems.

Major Research Facilities

26.5 GHz Vector Signal Analyzer
4 GHz/20GSPS Digital Storage Oscilloscope,
6/20 GHz Vector Signal Generator
Complete CAD packages from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and AWR Microwave-Office
Double Electrically Isolated screen room (“Faraday Cage”)
FPGA Development Kits,
PXI Platform, PCB Design and testing facilities,
Signatone 8” Wafer Probe Station
Vector Network Analyzer,
VLSI design suites from Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor Graphics,

Networks & Optimization

Current research in this area encompasses a broad range of topics covering the theory and practice of networks and optimization for communications and beyond, including distributed computing, data centre networks, stochastic control, reinforcement learning, statistical inference, robotics in cyber physical systems (CPS).. 

Major Research Facilities

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Integrated Optics & Photonics 

Research in this area include theoretical and experimental work on integrated optical devices for communication and sensing, optical communication, visual light communication, non-linear optics spectroscopy, and quantum optics  

Faculty Members
Major Research Facilities

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Radio Frequency Circuits & Electromagnetics

Research in this area include RF, microwave and mm wave communication, microwave antennas and circuits, RF sensors and Radar systems, wave propagation, and computational electromagnetics.

Major Research Facilities

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26.5 GHz Vector Signal Analyzer
4 GHz/20GSPS Digital Storage Oscilloscope
6/20 GHz Vector Signal Generator
Complete CAD packages from Cadence
Double Electrically Isolated screen room (“Faraday Cage”)
EM Simulation Software (CST Microwave Studio, HFSS, ADS)
FPGA Development Kits
Mentor Graphics and AWR Microwave-Office
Microwave Anechoic Chamber (2-40GHz)
Noise Figure Meter
PXI Platform, PCB Design and Testing Facilities
RF and Microwave Test Accessories
Signatone 8” Wafer Probe Station
Vector Network Analyzer
VLSI design suites from Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor Graphics

Major Projects and Collaborations

LIST OF MAJOR SPONSORED PROJECTS WITH VALUE EXCEEDING Rs 50 LAKHS (Ongoing on Jan 01, 2019, or started since)
  • Coding Schemes for Information-Theoretically Secure Communications, Computation and Storage [DST]  (53.09 Lakhs)
  • Coupled Electromagnetic-Device-Circuit Modelling for High Power Microwave Effects [MTRDC, DRDO] (329 Lakhs)
  • Sources for quantum information processing [DST CPS Quantum initiative (QUEST)] (200 Lakhs)
  • Indigenous 5 G Test Bed (Building an end to end 5G Test Bed) [Department of Telecommunications] (1232.8 Lakhs)
  • India Urban Data Exchange [Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs] (226 Lakhs)
  • Learning for Robots [Yaskawa] (65 Lakhs)
  • Cisco Center for Networked Intelligence [Cisco] (250 Lakhs)
  • Integrated RF, microwave and mm-wave radar-on-chip systems for security applications [IMPRINT] (398 Lakhs)
  • Integrated photonic sensor technology in fruit supply chain [NNetra DST, Nanomission, MeiTY]( (100 Lakhs)
  • Industrial IoT for energy efficiency [MHRD, DeITY, TCS (UAY)]  (109.1 Lakhs)
  • EQWATER – Intelligent Water Supply Network Monitoring and Control for Equitable Distribution of Water within a Mega City [MHRD and Ministry of Urban Development] (399 Lakhs)
  • Artificial Pancreas Device for Type-1 Diabetic patients in India [IMPRINT(MHRD) and ICMR] (50 Lakhs)
  • High resolution air quality monitoring and air pollutant data analytics [IUSF] (140 Lakhs)
  • A Thematic Project on Frontiers of Nano S&T on 2D Materials [Joint proposal DST (Nano Mission)] (2064.71 Lakhs)
  • E-Sense: Sensing and analytics for energy-aware smart campus [Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited] (108.08 Lakhs)
  • High Sensitivity IR detector using nano-materials heterojunction [ISRO] (78 Lakhs)
  • Virtual Oscilloscope – Electromagnetic Analysis for Package Verification and Fast Analysis in Design Cycle [Intel and UAY] (150 Lakhs)
  • Education and research network (ERNET), (Dept. of Information Technology, MCIT)
  • Cognitive radio (MCIT)
  • Sensor network project (DRDO)
  • Program on advanced research in mathematical engineering (DRDO)
  • Broadband wireless communications research (DST)
  • National MEMS design center (NPSM)
  • Device variability and its impact on circuit design methodology (DST)
  • Nonlinear signal processing using stochastic resonance (DRDO)
  • Study and design of a high-data-rate secure data link for airborne applications (DRDL)
  • RF MEMS switches (STC)
  • Design and development of a wireless multimedia monitoring system for coal mines (CMPDIL)
  • Design and development of a security scheme for e-commerce applications,(DIT)
  • Centre of excellence in nanoelectronics (MCIT)
  • Low-Power IC solutions for high-speed RF applications (SSI)
  • Performance studies of WSDPA/HSUPA physical layers (Tl)
  • 3G – WLAN Internet working (LTITL)
  • Design and development of UC test-bed and UC Application (DST)
  • Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks (DRDO)
  • Resource allocation for multi-terminal wireless systems (DST)
  • Fundamental physical layer aspects of cognitive radio (ANRC)
  • Energy budget and system design for wireless energy harvesting sensors (ANRC)
  • Centre for analog dvd mixed signal integrated circuits (MCIT)
  • Design of MIMO systems with feedback (DST)
  • Design of integrated on board antennas (ANRC)
  • Enhancement of design tools at National MEMS design/resource center
  • End-to-End quality of service over next generation Wimax systems (MiTO)
  • Physical layer algorithms for next generation wireless communication systems, Indo-UK advanced telecom centre (IU-ATC) (DST)
  • Wireless sensor networks for Industrial applications (DIT)
  • Emerging strategies for wireless communications (Indo-French, DST)
  • Prototype a 6LowPan network towards managing utility-based wireless sensor networks – (DIT)
  • Building a prototype of WLAN manager (WM): A device for performance management of WLAN (Second Phase) – (DIT)
  • Mobile IPv6 testbed for mobility management over heterogeneous access networks – (DIT)
  • Generation of modulated microwave signals using Integrated techniques (ISRO)
  • Invetigation of nano-photonic bandgap structures for optical WDM networking and sensor networking applications (NPMASS)