Criteria for Selecting Candidates for the Research Interview (applicable for MTech (Research) and PhD)

The research interview within the ECE Department of the Indian Institute of Science will be held in June, for the purpose of selecting students for the two research programmes offered by the department, namely, the M.Tech (Research) and PhD programmes. For admission to both these programmes, the department is looking for applicants possessing a strong academic record.

Section I. For Applicants with a BE/B.Tech/Equivalent Degree

Candidates with a BE/BTech (or equivalent) degree can choose to apply for admission to either the MTech (Research) or PhD programmes. Such candidates will be called for an interview for admission to the research program only if at least one of the following two criteria are met:

(1) they possess a valid GATE score that lies above a cut-off set by the ECE Department for the year

(2) they obtained their Bachelor’s degree from a centrally funded technical institution (CFTI) with a CGPA of 8.0 or above.

The cut-off varies from year to year depending on the number of applicants and the number of admission slots available. It may also be different for different GATE papers. In the case of applicants from the different reserved categories, the GATE cut-offs will be suitably lowered.

Note that marks or grades of applicants with a BE/B.Tech/Equivalent degrees are not taken into account.

Section II. For Applicants with an ME/M.Tech/MS/M.Sc. (Engg.)/Equivalent Degree

Candidates with an ME/M.Tech/MS/M.Sc. (Engg.)/Equivalent degree can apply for admission to the PhD programme. The following indicators of academic performance will be used to select the candidates who will be called for the research interview:

    • Marks/GPA* in ME/M.Tech/MS/M.Sc. (Engg.)/Equivalent degree
    • Marks/GPA in BE/B.Tech/Equivalent degree,
    • Marks/GPA in PUC/Class XII Board Examinations
    • Marks/GPA in Class X Board Examinations
    • Any other relevant information that is made available on the application form, such as:
        • GATE rank or score, even if it is invalid,
        • Award of national scholarships such as KVPY, INSPIRE, NTSE, etc.
        • Awards and prizes in national-level competitions
        • Score/rank in other national-level olympiads and entrance examinations, such as JEE, AIEEE, KVPY, etc.
        • University from which the candidate obtained ME/M.Tech/MS/M.Sc. (Engg.)/Equivalent and BE/B.Tech/Equivalent degrees
        • University or class rank
        • Research publications in reputed journals/conferences
        • Tangible evidence of high-quality R&D work carried out while working in the industry

*GPA = Grade Point Average.

For the research programmes, immediately after the interviews, students have the option to change the priority order of the departments that they had shown in their application forms.