List of Ongoing/Recent Major Sponsored Projects

Name of The Faculty Funding Agency Title From To Received Amount INR (Lakhs)
Kausik Majumdar DST (Nano Mission) A THEMATIC PROJECT IN FRONTIERS OF NANO S&T ON (TPF NANO) 2D MATERIALS [Joint proposal] Sep. 2016 Sep. 2019 2064.71
Chandra Murthy, KVS Hari, et al Department of Telecommunications Indigenous 5 G Test Bed (Building an end to end 5G Test Bed) 1232.82
Rajesh Sundaresan, Bharadwaj Amrutur MHRD and Ministry of Urban Development EQWATER – Intelligent Water Supply Network Monitoring and Control for Equitable Distribution of Water within a Mega City Jul. 2017 Jul. 2020 399
Gaurab Banerjee IMPRINT Integrated RF, microwave and mm-wave radar-on-chip systems for security applications Aug 2017- 398
Kausik Majumdar, KJ Vinoy, Dipanjan Gope MTRDC, DRDO Coupled Electromagnetic-Device-Circuit Modelling for High Power Microwave Effects Dec 2017  June 2023 329
Bharadwaj Amrutur, Rajesh Sundaresan CISCO Cisco center for Networked Intelligence Oct. 2019 – Oct 2021 238.65
Varun Raghunathan DST CPS Quantum initiative (QUEST) Sources for quantum information processing 200
Gope Dipanjan Intel and UAY Virtual Oscilloscope – Electromagnetic Analysis for Package Verification and Fast Analysis in Design Cycle Aug. 2016 Jul. 2019 150
KVS Hari British Telecom IISc Research Center (BTIRC) BTIRC 150
Himanshu Tyagi IUSF High resolution air quality monitoring and air pollutant data analytics Dec. 2017 Dec. 2019 140
Chandra Murthy, Himanshu Tyagi Indo-US Science & Technology Forum High resolution air quality monitoring and air pollutant data analytics 139.4
Rajesh Sundaresan, Bharadwaj Amrutur MHRD, DeITY, TCS under the the UAY scheme Industrial IoT for energy efficiency Aug. 2017 Jul. 2019 109.1
Rajesh Sundaresan, Himanshu Tyagi, Navin Kashyap Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited E-Sense: Sensing and analytics for energyaware smart campus Jun. 2016 – May 2019 108.08
Varun Raghunathan Nanoelectronic Network for Research and Application (NNetra) DST, Nanomission, MeiTY Integrated photonic sensor technology in fruit supply chain (Sub-project PI: Dr. Shankar Selvaraja) 100
KJ Vinoy Boeing Corporation 5G/mmw Gatelink Antenna 85
Kausik Majumdar ISRO High Sensitivity IR detector using nanomaterials heterojunctions Dec. 2016 Dec. 2019 78
Himanshu Tyagi Garrett Motion Garrett Autonomous Vehicles 70
Kausik Majumdar DST Band-to-band tunnelling through atomically sharp heterojunctions Mar. 2021 Mar. 2024 66.22
K.V.S. Hari IMPRINT(MHRD) and ICMR Artificial Pancreas Device for Type-1 Diabetic patients in India Apr. 2017 Mar. 2020 50
Kausik Majumdar MHRD STARS Ultra-high Sensitivity Infrared Photodetector Using Cascaded Gain Feb. 2020  Feb 2023 49.92
Vaibhav Katewa MHRD – Startup Research Grant Security and Privacy of Networked Dynamical Systems 49
Rajesh Sundaresan, Aditya Gopalan Department of Science and Technology Learning algorithms for search in structured environments Mar. 2017 Mar. 2020 47.62
Kausik Majumdar DST Polarization resolved photodetector using two-dimensional valley carriers Sep. 2016 Aug. 2017 47.2
Rajesh Sundaresan SERB DST Information design for socio-technical systems Feb. 2020 – Feb. 2023 46.48
T.Srinivas ISRO High Speed Modulator using LiNbO3 Jan 2018 Dec 2019 43.34
Varun Raghunathan ISRO RESPOND Mirrors for non-mechanical beam steering 43
Neelesh B Mehta, Chandra Murthy Ministry of Information Technology 5G research and building next gen solution for Indian market Oct. 2015 Sep. 2018 42.2
Aditya Gopalan, Himanshu Tyagi, Rajesh Sundaresan Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd COVID-19 Epidemic Enhanced City Scale Modelling Jul. 2020 – Jul. 2021 42
Varun Raghunathan DST Early career award Integrated photonics for mid infrared applications 42
Rajesh Sundaresan Indo-French Centre for Applied Mathematics Metastability phenomena in algorithms and engineered systems Jul. 2018 – Jul. 2021 41.288
Chandra Murthy Intel Baseband algorithms and energy efficiency in 5G communications 40
Chandra Murthy Aircel-IISc Telecom Centre of Excellence Implementing the Opensource 5G NR RRH for
Jul. 2021 – Jul 2023 35
Chandra Murthy GOI Department of Telecommunications 5G Testbed Operations and Maintenance Jan. 2022- Dec. 2024 236
Chandra Murthy MeitY Next Generation Wireless Research and
Standardization on 5G and Beyond
Jul. 2021 – Jul. 2024 335
Chandra Murthy Nokia Inc. Waveform Design Jan. 2024 –  Dec. 2024 22
Chandra Murthy British Telecom Open-RAN integration into an open-source 5G
Sep. 2023 – Sep. 2024 21
Chandra Murthy Qualcomm Inc IRS-assisted communications Dec. 2023 – Dec 2026 48
Parimal Parag Qualcomm 6G University Research Heterogeneous core scheduling for latency-sensitive workloads in edge computing Sep 2023– Jul 2024 16.56
Parimal Parag

IBM-IISc Hybrid Cloud Lab

Sustainable computing Oct 2023 – Jul 2024 14.36
Parimal Parag Cisco CSR

Centre for networked Intelligence

Aug 2023  Jul 2024 179.85