The Quality Improvment Programme(QIP) was launched by Government of India in 1970. The main objective of the programme is to upgrade the expertise and capabilities of teachers of the AICTE approved degree-level engineering institutions, National Institutes of Technology(NIT)s of the country.

The programme is now being implemented and monitored by the National QIP Coordination Committee, funded by AICTE.

The 9 QIP Centers (at the 8 IITs, & IISc.) undertake the various activities listed above. Admissions to Master’s and/or Ph.D. programs are also undertaken in selected areas in additional 19 recognised institutions for M.Tech and 51 recognised institutions for PhD. A large number of faculty members from AICTE-recognised degree-level engineering institutions from all over the country have pursued Master’s and Ph. D. degree programs. These are aimed at improving the standard and quality of technical education through improvement of the qualifications of the faculty members in the various engineering institutions.

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