Protocol Engineering Lab

In the codes and signal design lab, the current areas of research include error-correcting codes with a current emphasis on codes for distributed storage, wireless sensor networks and distributed function computation.   The research is broadly based on principles of coding theory, information theory and wireless networks.

Codes for Distributed Storage: the distributed storage group has been and continues to be actively involved in studying problems faced in distributed storage systems.Our research is in part carried out in collaboration with NetApp. 

Wireless Sensor Networks: The sensor network group’s current primary focus is  on designing and developing passive infra-red (PIR)-based WSNs for intrusion detection. Areas of research include lens design, intrusion simulation, machine-learning-based classification algorithms for intrusion detection. The work is sponsored in part by DeitY and in part by DRDO. The students in codes and signal design lab are guided by Prof. P. Vijay Kumar.