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Department of Electrical Communication Engineering
Thank you for your interest to explore admission to the Department.

  • Eligibility and Information about admission to various ECE Programs
  • To apply for MTech and PhD programs through the regular admissions portal of IISc

Please see the above pages for the Admission brochure and for submitting your application.

Kindly note that the erstwhile MTech (CN) program has been changed to MTech (ECE).  Kindly visit the page for an FAQ on this program.  This new curriculum is followed for August 2021 admissions onwards.  Please visit pages on PhD.MTech (Research) or MTech (ECE) for frequently asked questions about these programs. Please write to office.ece @ if you have any other questions.  IISc launched an online MTech program on ECE in 2021.


Browse through the Academics and Research sections of this website to know about the degree programmes offered and the research carried out in the department.  The admission process (for all our programs) typically starts in February each year. Mid-year admissions for PhD program starts in October/November. Please see the IISc’s admissions website. You may need to qualify in appropriate examinations (for example GATE) to be eligible for admissions; make sure you follow the timeline for these examinations.

The following information is for candidates who have applied for Mid-year Research Admissions January 2023 



[04.11.2022] The admissions unit have sent out invitations to shortlisted candidates for in-person interviews on November 21 and 22, 2022. Please see this page for research positions available with different faculty members of the department.  The department may hold an information session soon.  Please await further information.

Alternately, you may watch the recording of a similar event held recently.

[04.10.2022] Please visit the admissions pages of the Institute to apply for PhD positions in the Institute. The admission will be based on interview of candidates shortlisted as per Institute policies, from the list of eligible applicants.

A Recording of the interaction meeting held on April 29th is available online.   Please note that during mid-year cycle, only PhD positions are offered.  Kindly be informed that we will circulate a form with all applicants to compile information on their areas of interest.

Kindly await information on Research (PhD program only) interviews scheduled during 21-23 of November 2022.  ECE dept, is on the road straight (around 1km) from our main gate located above CNR Rao/ BHEL circle.  Visitors may have to enter details at the gate, but your vehicle will be allowed to go inside the campus.  Here is our google map location.    Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you with accommodation.  Kindly make your own arrangements if you must stay overnight in Bangalore.

For various deadlines for 2022 mid-year admissions, please visit the Deadlines page.

General Information about Research Admission Interviews for PhD/MTech (Research)

The Department will send an email to these candidates inviting them to participate in an online information session.

Please visit pages on Ph.D. or M.Tech. (Research) for frequently asked questions about these programs. Please write to office.ece @ if you have any other questions.

Before the interview you will be asked to fill a form to identify your preferred research area(s).  Kindly note that some research groups may not be admitting any student this year due to various constraints.  All candidates, across all research areas, will be examined on their analytical ability in two of the following areas of basic mathematics:

  • Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra
  • Fourier, Laplace, and z-Transforms
  • Probability Theory and Random Processes
  • Discrete Mathematics (combinatorics, graphs).

In addition you will be asked fundamentals related to your selected research topic. Rather than reproducing answers from your memory you are expected to justify your answers with appropriate reason/logic.

After the interview, candidates have the option to change the priority order of the departments that they had indicated in their application form.  Instructions for this is available in your call letter from teh Admissions Unit.

All the best!!!

General Information about MTech ECE Admission Interviews

The Department will send an email to candidates shortlisted for the interview inviting them to participate in an online information session.

Please visit the M.Tech. (ECE) page for frequently asked questions about this program. Please write to office.ece @ if you have any other questions.

Kindly note that an applicant is eligible for admission to the MTech (ECE) program only if he/she attends the in-person interview at ECE, IISc. There is no written test for this program.

The technical in-person interview will be about 10-15 minutes long.  The aim of this interview is to assess your aptitude and suitability for the MTech (ECE) program.  You may be asked a few basic GATE-level technical questions to assess your technical knowledge and clarity of thought, as well as some non-technical questions to gauge your interests and suitability for the programme.

The IISc Admissions Unit will intimate you about the admission offers as per COAP schedules.

All the best!!!