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Indian Institute of Science
Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Bangalore - 560 012. INDIA
Tel: +91-80-22933156, Fax: +91-80-23600563, Email: achockal@iisc.ac.in

OTFS: A New Modulation Scheme for 5G and Beyond NCC'2020 Tutorial Slides (21 Feb. 2020)
Journal papers:
IEEE Comm_Lett'2019 (2), IEEE Comm_Lett'2019 (1), IEEE TWireless'2019
Conference papers:
IEEE VTC'2019-Fall, IEEE VTC'2019-Spring(1), IEEE VTC'2019-Spring(2), ITA'2019, IEEE GLOBECOM'2018, ITA'2018

BITS 2018 Talk @ IIT Bombay (Jan. 2018) Video Slides

Modulation using Smart(er) Antennas for 5G ECE Colloquium Slides (July 2017)
IEEE TVT (Jun. 2017) Paper:
On Media-Based Modulation Using RF Mirrors
Journal papers: IEEE TVT'2018 (2), IEEE TVT'2018 (1), IEEE ACCESS'2018, IEEE Wireless Comm. Lett.'2017 IEEE Comm. Lett.'2017 IEEE TVT'2017
Conference papers: IEEE VTC'2018-Spring(1), IEEE VTC'2018-Spring(2), IEEE ICC'2018, IEEE PIMRC'2017(1), IEEE PIMRC'2017(2), IEEE GLOBECOM'2017, IEEE SPAWC'2017, IEEE VTC'2017-Spring, NCC'2017, ITA'2017, ITA'2016

Visible Light Wireless Communications SPCOM 2016 Tutorial Slides (June 2016)
Journal papers:
Conference papers: IEEE VTC'2018-Spring(3), IEEE VTC'2018-Spring(4), IEEE VTC'2018-Spring(5), IEEE VTC'2016-Spring, IEEE WCNC'2016, IEEE GLOBECOM'2015,

5G Talk in 2014 to Summer Interns at IISc Video Slides

Large-MIMO: A Technology Whose Time Has Come!
See our journal articles on large-MIMO research:
IEEE TVT'2016, IEEE Commun. Surveys & Tutorials 2016, IEEE Comm. Lett.'2016, IEEE TWireless'2015, IEEE JSTSP'2014, IEEE TVT'2013, IEEE Comm. Lett.'2013, IEEE JSTSP'2011, IEEE TCOM'2011, IEEE Comm. Lett.'2009, IEEE JSTSP'2009, IEEE JSAC'2008
See our conference articles on large-MIMO research:
IEEE VTC'2016, IEEE GLOBECOM'2015, EUSIPCO'2014, IEEE VTC'2014-Spring(1), IEEE VTC'2014-Spring(2), IEEE WCNC'2014, ITA'2014, IEEE VTC'2013-Fall, IEEE SPAWC'2013, IEEE WCNC'2013, IEEE PIMRC'2012, IEEE VTC-Spring'2012, ITA'2012, IEEE ICC'2011, IEEE GLOBECOM'2010, IEEE ITW'2010, IEEE ISIT'2009 (1), IEEE ISIT'2009 (2), IEEE ISIT'2009 (3), IEEE ICC'2009, IEEE GLOBECOM'2008, IEEE PIMRC'2008, IEEE ISIT'2008, IEEE VTC'2008, IEEE ICC'2008

Our book on Large MIMO Systems from Cambridge Univ. Press. Take a look inside!

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